Every month some of our staff members' favorite books go on display on the side of the Popular Books shelves located on the Library's 1st floor. Check them out in the library, or place a hold on them right here online - you might find something you like!

January 2019 Staff Picks

Canada Rocks
by Nick Eyles and Andrew Miall
Dalene's Pick

This book is for serious Rockers! Aside from loving the in-depth content and colour photos there is a glossary full of fun new words to learn.  The name for the part of a mountain that pokes through the ice is an Inuit word, Nanatak.

by Lucy Knisley
Sabrina's Pick

What happens when you and your grandparents go on a seniors’ cruise? In the second graphic novel of a series, Lucy volunteers to accompany her grandparents on a cruise and reflects on what happens when you become responsible for the care of aging loved ones. A quick read but a tender one.


Fables vol. 1
by Bill Willingham
Michael's Pick

The premise of Fables is simple: fairy tales are real, and the characters from them live in New York in secret after they were forced to flee their homeworlds due to an invasion. The series is super dark, not at all suitable for children, and is quite simply one of the greatest graphic novels of all time.

Note: for any gamers out there, I highly recommend you first play The Wolf Among Us.  It's a brilliant murder mystery that serves as a prequel to the series proper.



Fables vol. 2
by Bill Willingham
Michael's Pick

If you've read Fables vol. 1 (or played the prequel game, The Wolf Among Us), you know what you're in for: rich, dark takes on your favorite fairy tale characters (and some not-so-favorite ones - seriously, screw Goldilocks in this).