The Library has DVDs, Blu-ray discs and streaming video.

Our major collections include:

CollectionWhat kind of video?Format

Criterion on Demand

Feature films, primarily from major Hollywood studios, some foreign language films, French versions of Hollywood films Streaming
Curio Audio and video content from the CBC and Radio Canada. Includes documentaries, educational films, among others.
Films on Demand Documentaries, educational films, filmed plays and arts performances
Kanopy Kanopy provides documentaries, training films, and feature films. Includes content from Criterion, PBS, Kino Lorber, New Day Films, The Great Courses, California Newsreel, and more. Documentaries, shorts, animation and feature films from the NFB collection
Animation Animated features, shorts and TV shows DVD/Blu-ray & streaming
Canadian Feature films and documentaries made in Canada and/or made by Canadians
Documentary Films Features and shorts
Feature Films Feature films
Queer Cinema Feature films, shorts, documentaries and TV shows with LGBT/queer content and/or made by members of the queer community
Jazz on Film Live performances DVD/Blu-ray

Reserve Media

If you are required to watch a specific DVD for a class and your instructor has requested it to be put aside it will be in Reserves. Please ask at the Library Services desk for access to these materials.

Media Stations

Listening and viewing stations are provided for all media types. DVDs and CDs may also be used on any computer workstation with headphones (available for check-out at the Library Services desk).

Bookable Collaboration Rooms with Monitors

All six of our bookable collaboration rooms are equipped with large-screen monitors which can be linked in to your laptop. No cords or remote necessary - the access panel is in the centre of the table or beneath the monitor, and the TV controls are on the right side of the unit. Just plug in, turn on, and go!

  1. Plug in your laptop to the HDMI (audio and visual) or RGB (visual) & mini-stereo (audio) cables.
  2. Turn on the monitor using the controls on the right side of the TV.
  3. Push INPUT until the input matches where you're plugged in (RGB or HDMI).
  4. Use the FN keys on your laptop to set the display to monitor or monitor & laptop.