Using a film to teach a class? The Library has services and collections to help you with that.

Request a Film

If there is a film that you would like to use in your class but you don’t have a copy, contact the Library’s Media Technician with information below. If the film is already in the Library collection, we can set it aside for you on your requested dates. If you require a streaming version of the film, please contact the Media Technician. Please send us your requests at least two weeks before the date they are needed – we may not be able to fill requests sent after that.

For titles the library does not already own, we may be able to purchase a copy or borrow one from another post-secondary library. Not all films are available in usable formats, or for educational screenings, but we will do our best to locate a copy and get it to you.

For all video requests, please email the Media Technician with the following information:

  • Title
  • Format (Streaming, DVD, Blu-ray)
  • Date(s) needed
  • Course where it will be screened

Find a Film or Music

CapU Library has subscriptions to thousands of videos through our streaming media subscriptions. Click here to visit our full listings of streaming media collections, which include:

  • mainstream feature movies
  • documentaries
  • short films
  • educational documentaries
  • journalism
  • filmed live theatre
  • classical, jazz, and world music

Many databases allow you to create your own account in order to set up clips to show in class or embed in Moodle. If you encounter difficulty in accessing these functions, contact the Media Technician.

Need help finding media? Get in touch with your Liaison Librarian, who can assist you in sourcing and locating appropriate films for your courses.

Copyright and Technical Information

Make sure you know your legal rights and responsibilities when it comes to showing video in the classroom – visit the Copyright guide for an overview about using audio-visual materials for teaching or to read information about streaming video in the remote classroom.

To livestream library media content over Zoom/Teams/Webex, review the list of supported browsers by conferencing and streaming platforms.

DVD to Streaming Service

DVD does not stream well or legally over conferencing platforms like Zoom, Teams and Webex. The Library may convert DVDs to streaming files for use in courses under specific conditions. If you think your request qualifies, contact the Media Technician with the following information:

  • DVD title
  • DVD owner – you, the Library, your department, etc.
  • Date(s) needed
  • Class(es) where it will be screened/shared

Note: Two weeks’ notice may be required to provide this service when the DVD is in hand. For conversion requests that require a DVD to be purchased, timing will depend on how quickly we can order and receive the film.


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