When livestreaming video from Library collections, not all web browsers are compatible with Zoom/Teams/Webex. Test stream any content you want to show in your courses well ahead of the scheduled class date to troubleshoot issues.

Remember to select the screen sharing options that allow for sharing computer audio and optimizing video. These appear when you choose Share or Share Screen and appear on the screen where you select the window to share.

  • Teams cannot be used with any platform or collection.
  • Zoom is the most consistent conferencing platform.
  • Firefox is the most consistent browser.

An alternative to livestreaming is to share the link to the film and a start/end time in Chat, allowing the students to watch clips individually and then come back to the class for discussion.

Contact the Media Technician if you are unable to screen a video from the Library collection.

Streaming PlatformRecommended AppsRecommended Browsers
Audio Ciné Films Zoom, Webex Firefox
Can-Core Zoom Chrome, Edge, Firefox
Criterion-on-Demand Zoom, Webex Firefox
Curio Zoom, Webex Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari
Digital Theatre Plus Zoom, Webex Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari
Ethics Unwrapped Zoom Chrome, Edge, Firefox
Films on Demand Zoom, Webex Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari
Kanopy Zoom Edge, Firefox
NFB.ca Zoom Chrome, Edge, Firefox

 Note: none of the livestreaming options are perfectly smooth. The combination of streaming collection, conferencing platform and browser will affect playback, as will internet speed and computer specifications. 


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