One of the goals of the Library is to provide an inspiring and inviting physical environment that allows for diverse learning styles and activities. These policies are intended to inform all Library users of expected and acceptable behaviours in their use of these spaces and create a better space for all.

Food and Drink

Keep it contained

Drinks with secure lids or in spill-proof containers are allowed everywhere in the Library.

Food in its proper place

Food is permitted anywhere on the 1st floor of the Library and in the bookable collaboration rooms. Food is NOT permitted in the Silent Zone (study carrels) on the 2nd floor.

Keep the Library clean!

Deposit all garbage in the proper receptacles – recycling and waste stations are located throughout the Library. Ask at the Library Services desk if you’re unsure where to find one.


Different areas for different needs

There are many tasks and activities that take place in the Library, some involving conversation and others requiring silence. In order to accommodate these activities, the Library has been divided into Silent Zones and Collaboration Zones.

In all zones:

  • Set your phone to silent or vibrate
  • When using headphones, set the volume to a level that cannot be heard by others
  • Be aware of your surroundings and respectful of your fellow students

Silent Zones 

The Silent Zones of the Library are:

  • The 2nd floor (except the collaboration rooms)
  • Janet MacDonald Room (LB109) - located in the northwest corner of the Library 1st floor, behind the journal and magazine shelves.

While in the Silent Zones:

  • No talking except for brief, whispered conversations.
  • Absolutely no phone use that creates noise. Texting in silent mode is OK.

Please be aware that, while we strive to check ambient noise that the design of our building makes it impossible to completely eliminate noise from Silent Zones. Some ambient noise may filter up from lower floor or in from adjacent class/collaboration rooms. It is our hope that the policies will help alleviate much of that noise.

Collaboration Zones 

The Collaboration Zones of the Library are:

  • The 1st floor (except The Janet MacDonald Room, aka LB109)
  • Bookable rooms on the 1st floor
  • Bookable rooms on the 2nd floor
  • LB119 when not in use for library classes or student success workshops

While in the Collaboration Zones:

  • Talking is allowed at a normal, conversational level.
  • Shouting and raised voices are not permitted.
  • Rowdy behavior and misuse of furniture is not permitted.
  • Phone conversations at normal speaking levels are permitted. However, if you cannot make yourself heard at a normal, indoor speaking level, you must take the call outside the Library.
  • Texting and other phone uses are OK, as long as the phone is on silent.

What can you do when others are not following the policy?

If you are being disturbed by Library users who are not complying with these policies, you have the following choices for action:

  • Politely remind these users of the Library policy governing the area you are in, using the Library website or signage to aid in your request.
  • Visit the Library Services desk and inform Library staff of the problem.

What if you're the noisy one?

Please respect staff and your fellow students. If you are informed that your noise level is disturbing others, please lower your volume or find a more suitable location for your activities. Noncompliance will result in a request to leave the Library. Repeated or serious infractions will be reported to the University Librarian, Security, and/or the Director of Student Affairs.

All students in the Library are subject to the Capilano Student Conduct Policy.

Thank you for your cooperation in making Capilano University Library a welcoming, respectful space.