Study Areas

Book a group collaboration room now.

View study areas on the Library Hours & Maps page. We have two noise "zones" in the Library:

  • Silent Zones - Silent study – absolutely no talking. Please take all conversations and phone calls outside this area.
    • Library 2nd floor (except collaboration rooms) offers individual carrels with plugs.
    • Janet MacDonald Room (LB109), located behind the tall shelves on the 1st floor of the library, offers small tables in a garden setting.
  • Collaboration Zones - Working with a group is encouraged, but be aware of your volume level.

Library Policies

Make sure you're aware of our policies concerning food, drink, and noise in the Library. Be courteous! Even in spaces designed for group study, maintain awareness of your noise levels and allow others to work unimpeded around you.

Interested in filming in the library?

Computer Workstations

There are 35 workstations in the library for research, writing and other uses. Visit the Computers in the Library page for more information. From every workstation, you can:

Book a Collaboration Room

The Library has 8 bookable rooms for your group project or viewing session. All rooms have widescreen TVs that can connect to your laptop. Bookings are made online.

Room Capacities

  • LB111 - 6 students
  • LB117 - 8 students
  • LB118 - 12+ students
  • LB123 - 8 students
  • LB204 - 4 students
  • LB205 - 4 students
  • LB206 - 6 students
  • LB212 - 8 students

To use the widescreen TVs in the study rooms, bring your own laptop and follow the instructions on the wall.

Room Booking Policies

  • Bookings are available to all current CapU students.
  • Bookings are available up to 14 days in advance.
  • Rooms are only available for groups or two or more – sorry, no individual use.
  • Maximum booking time per group: 2 hours. Multiple consecutive bookings by different members of the same group are not allowed.
  • 10-minute grace period – if no group member arrives to claim the room within 10 min of the initial booking time, it becomes free for others to use.

Bookable rooms are very busy - be courteous.  If you no longer need the room, please cancel your booking to allow other students to make a reservation.

Escape the Noise

The 2nd floor of the Library and the Janet MacDonald Room are designated for silent study. Carrels are provided for individual work. Please take all conversations out of this area, including cell phones and discussion with other students. If you are bothered by other students talking in the Silent Zones, feel free to use posted signs to alert others of the noise policy, or bring your concern to a Library staff member.

Work Together or Alone

Many areas of the Library 1st floor feature flexible work spaces with a combination of movable tables and chairs. Configure the work space you need for individual or group study.

Explore to Find Your Spot

CapU Library has many different kinds of study areas and furniture - wander around to see all the possibilities. Soft or hard seats, group or individual work areas - one size doesn’t fit all, be sure to pick the right spot for the task and your personal study style.

Need help finding the right study option? Talk to a friendly Library staff member.