There are a few different ways that students can borrow items from other libraries:

  • Reciprocal Borrowing - Drop by the Library Services desk for your Reciprocal Borrowing Card to access the libraries of UBC, SFU and all other BC post-secondary libraries. See below for links to major libraries in the Lower Mainland.
  • InterLINK - Cardholders from any InterLINK library can borrow at any other library in the system. 
  • Get a North Vancouver District library card with proof of name and address.
  • Get a Vancouver Public Library card with a card from another library in Metro Vancouver and/or proof of address. There are also options for non-residents.

Rememberwe can always bring items to campus via interlibrary loan.

British Columbia

Illume (formerly OutLook OnLine): locate books, periodicals, and videos in BC's public and academic libraries.

Universities and Colleges

CapU students and faculty can borrow books from academic libraries in BC directly via reciprocal borrowing or through the Library's interlibrary loan service. The larger universities have millions of items in their collections, some of which cover very specialized areas of study. The colleges have unique collections which match their specific programs.

Public Libraries (Metro Vancouver)

Public libraries have large popular collections (novels, graphic novels, popular non-fiction) as well as many local history items. CapU students and faculty can borrow items directly with their local library card or the InterLINK program, or request items via the Library's interlibrary loan service.