Requests for filming in the Library by film study students should be sent in an email to the library.

Students are asked to provide the following information:

  • Date and time of the proposed shoot
  • Location of the proposed shoot
  • Number of people involved

Because the Library is a public study space for use by all the students, it is important that filming activities do not impede quiet study. While the Library will try to accommodate requests for filming as much as possible, some requests may be refused or modified to meet with the conditions described below.

An agreement outlining the conditions and restrictions on filming will be drawn up and signed by both parties, prior to the commencement of filming.


Filming should take place only at non-peak study times (early mornings, evenings, weekends, not too close to or during exam times) during open hours.


Film location assistants should provide at least two weeks' notice when requesting to film in the Library.


Filming should only take place in areas away from the main study area (e.g. Janet MacDonald Room, Library classroom, etc.)


Crews may come in ahead of time to quietly scout out the area and plan their shoot. During the shoot, crews should be small and unobtrusive. It is strongly suggested that loud dialogue in the script be dubbed in later.

Library Property

Film crews must respect Library property. Do not move, rearrange, or remove any materials, furniture, etc. without specific permission to do so. This includes equipment, both within the Library and elsewhere, which belongs to the Library. Any expenses related to repairs or cleanup required after a film shoot will be charged to the Film Studies Program.