We've changed some of the filters in Discovery to improve your search experience. 

Here's what you'll see now in the left column of every results page:

  • Books & eBooks - all our print books, plus every eBook available through CapU Library
  • Availble from CapU Library (default is yes) - results show items you can use immediately. Uncheck this to include external items we can try to find for you through interlibrary loan.
  • Peer-reviewed (Scholarly Articles) - all journal articles that are indexed YES in the Peer-reviewed field; does not include articles that might be peer-reviewed, but are not fully indexed
  • Video - all streaming videos, DVDs and Blu-ray
  • Audio - all streaming audio files and CDs

Did you know?

If you add a limiter from the left menu above the Date filter, it will stick through different searches.

If you add a limiter below the Date field, it only lasts for that current search. If you change your keywords, you have to apply these lower filters again. 


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